Get lupine and spring inspired items at the Discovery Center Gift Shop. There are special sales for the month of May. All purchases support the work of the Albany Pine Bush Preserve.

Gift Shop

Purple Sale! Very special purple shopping opportunities bloom at the Discovery Center Gift Shop throughout the month of May. Fox and bear stuffed animals wearing purple hoodies are amazingly cute and included in the $5.00 off purple sale. Many more purple items are on sale $5.00 off as well, while supplies last. Get yourself a new purple water bottle, water bottle sling, hooded sweatshirt or any of our other lupine and Karner blue butterfly treasures.

Native Plant Sale

Saturday, May 18, 2024 10am-12-pm at the Albany Pine Bush Discovery Center, 195 New Karner Road, Albany, NY 12205


FEATURED AT THE DISCOVERY CENTER GIFT SHOP: Naturelogues offer photo prints, note cards, photo workshops, and natural history slide presentations. Our work represents a wide variety of plants, animals and landscapes from the Albany Pine Bush and all over North America.

Thistledown Studio

FEATURED AT THE DISCOVERY CENTER GIFT SHOP: First comes a splashy, colorful background. This sets the composition and color palette. “Natural history” and “fine art”, come together. Aspects become representational. My art is purchased by entomologists -- it must be scientifically accurate.

Little Owl Creations


Kona Ice

FEATURED AT NATURE NIGHT OUT ON MAY 10: We are dedicated to providing a unique experience, spreading fun, and creating smiles while giving back to our local communities.

Photo Station

photo booth
Try our new selfie station on the Karner Barrens blue trail.