Scott & Denise Stoner

Naturelogues offer photo prints, note cards, photo workshops, and natural history slide presentations. Our work represents a wide variety of plants, animals and landscapes from the Albany Pine Bush and all over North America.

Naturelogues is a two-person nature photography company based here in the Capital Region. We love nature and bringing you the beauty of nature! We offer prints, matted prints, framed prints, and note cards of our photographs of the Pine Bush and across the US. We offer online and in-person nature photography workshops and slide programs on a wide variety of natural history topics. To purchase photos or schedule a presentation, please visit us at

Our subjects range through the entire world of nature. From the tiniest flower or insect, to the grandest of vistas, to all the birds, mammals and other animals and plants in between, Naturelogues values them all. We are constantly exploring, discovering, and learning; one of our greatest joys is finding and studying creatures that are new to us.

Our photos represent the world of nature as we see it. We use a minimal amount of editing in our work, choosing instead to use the basic elements of photography (light, focus, and composition) to capture our subjects as they appear to us in nature. Putting this kind of effort into creating our photos allows us to present them as taken, with only limited editing, so that the beauty that exists in the natural world is allowed to shine.

Our goal is to depict the creatures of this earth living their lives: at rest, caring for young, flying, running, eating. Landscapes, seascapes, and skyscapes are well-represented in our work, as are macro images of the tiny flowers at our feet.

We choose to do our photography this way because we value nature as it is. We want to share every facet of nature as it appears to the eye because of the innate beauty that lies there. By carefully using our skills as nature photographers we hope to foster an appreciation of this inherent beauty, and of the need to protect and preserve it for future generations.

We invite you to learn more about us and let us bring the beauty of nature to you!


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