Rapp Road Historical Association


The Association is a mix of RRHD dependents and concerned citizens who migrated from the south and is very interested in preserving RRHD history. The Association has been chartered by the New York State Board of Education and registered as a not-for-profit (501c3).

The Rapp Road Historic District (RRHD) is a cluster of 23 homes built by African Americans who migrated predominantly from Shubuta Mississippi as part of the Great Migration (1927 to 1963). During this time span, 23 families chose to build their homes and raise a family in the Pine Bush section of Albany New York.

The southern style shotgun homes (front door and back door with rooms on right and left side) are unique to the Dutch Colonial and decidedly urban architecture of Albany. RRHD is on both the (2002) and (2003) national registries. Both acknowledgments are the result of the rich history associated with the homes and the families that built them on Rapp Road.

Click here to purchase publications about Rapp Road, watch a documentary about the original homeowners who migrated from the south to Rapp Road, and listen to podcasts about this historical community.



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