Lupine Fest

Wildlife Seek & Find

Want to have some fun taking part in a seek & find and getting outside at the Albany Pine Bush Preserve? Come to the Welcome Table on May 21st during Lupine Fest to play our game anytime between 10am -4pm.

Before you come you can print the scavenger hunt by downloading and printing this page or use a smartphone to view the electronic form by clicking on this link.

See if you can locate each of the animal images that are placed around the grounds. Once you find an image, fill in the animal name. Don't miss reading all the interesting wildlife fun facts! Which animal is YOUR favorite?

Have fun!

Ways to play

  1. Pick up a form at the Lupine Fest Welcome Table
  2. Print it out and bring it with you.
  3. Play online with your mobile device.

When you complete the seek & find, you can go to the Tattoo Parlor to claim your prize.


Take a short walk on the Discovery Trail (#10 on the Lupine Fest map).